Mr Jaie Skinner started at the school at the beginning of Term 2 2021 as Assistant Principal and will join Ms Debbie Grigson who is the school’s other Assistant Principal. Mr Skinner was officially welcomed at a school assembly on the first day of term where he was given the traditional Mercy blessing and welcome.

Mr Skinner addressed the school community and thanked everyone for their warm welcome. He had two main messages, one for students and one for staff.

For students he told them that based upon his different roles at different schools he has found there to be one constant and that is that students are more than they know. “Every part of your character can be extended upon, grown and pushed…you are more than you currently are…which is the exciting thing about being young. My challenge to you all is to think carefully about who you could be and aim to be that person”.

For staff he thanked Ms Rossetti for her tremendous work and acknowledged that the school’s many successes have only come about through diligent and determined application to the task at hand. He applauded the staff for these efforts.

Mr Skinner was previously the Assistant Principal at Gilroy Catholic College, Castle Hill and prior to that appointment worked at St Columba’s College, Springwood, in a range of leadership positions.