Dear Friends in Mercy,

It is with great joy and anticipation that I welcome you to this edition of our AMSSA newsletter, the first to be issued since before the pandemic. I would like to thank Stephen Walsh, our AMSSA Executive Officer for his work in reestablishing this important means of communicating the inspiring work that is happening in our Mercy schools across Australia and New Zealand.

As a network of schools either founded by the Sisters of Mercy or that follow the Mercy charism, our schools have a deep commitment to compassion, justice, and service learning and outreach programs. Our AMSSA newsletter is an important connector for sharing and showcasing all that is happening across our schools and celebrating the achievements of our students.  In sharing the unique ways each of our schools brings the spirit of Mercy to life, we have an amazing opportunity to inspire one another.

I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the AMSSA Executive (Kellie Osmond (Deputy President, SA), Nicole Christensen (NSW), Sarah Dwan (NZ), Dan McMahon (QLD), Phil Morrison (VIC) and Jennifer Oaten (WA)) who met for our annual face-to-face meeting early in Term 1 at the Academy of Mary Immaculate, Fitzroy Melbourne. Their dedication and vision have laid the groundwork for the post-pandemic reestablishment of our annual conferences, enhanced communication channels including this newsletter and creating opportunities for our Mercy schools and Principals to connect and share.

As AMSSA President, I am delighted to reconnect all of our member schools through the association’s termly newsletter and to share the vision of Mercy that unites us.  Thank you for your part in continuing Catherine McAuley’s vision for Mercy through your membership of AMSSA.

With blessings in Mercy,

Catherine O’Kane

AMSSA President

Principal, All Hallows’ School, Brisbane