The Catherine McAuley Student Leaders each year have a student theme for the student body to follow and this year it is ‘WE ARE’ with ARE standing for A accept, R respect and E empower. The Leaders have chosen these words as they want to highlight the importance of all students being accepting, respectful and empowering to all around them.


Jamelle Touma, School Co Captain said, “this theme encourages us to communicate effectively, support individuals and the school community and to be the best version of ourselves. It encapsulates everything in our own lives, from loving yourself to caring for the environment”.


Sara Hodge, School Co Captain adds, “We are extremely excited for the school to embrace our new campaign”.


The Student Leaders came up with their theme at the leadership camp held at the end of last year and have given out commemorative badges to all students to symbolise the theme. The badges features the Catherine McAuley rose and the words ‘WE ARE’. The student leaders hope students will wear their badges with pride.