Emmanuel College, Warrnambool applauds the fantastic initiative shown by Year 10 student Nina Fitzsimmons in her Textiles class. Students were assigned a task by teacher Mrs Jo Moloney to look at ways sustainability and ethics are implemented by clothing companies.

Australian children’s clothing company Little Emperor was one of the companies suggested by Mrs Moloney for students to research. Whilst Nina was navigating the Little Emperor website, Nina saw that they used fabric offcuts to make blankets. The website welcomed any other suggestions for the use of off cuts of material.

Nina contacted Little Emperor herself and suggested that they use small pieces of scrap material to sew sanitary products. Nina felt that in some third world countries such as India, where the Little Emperor manufacturing factory is based, many women and girls do not have access to sanitary products. The expense of purchasing these items combined with the amount of waste that is caused by them, made reusable sanitary products such as pads and liners a good idea.

Elizabeth Bold, Founder and Designer for Little Emperor replied promptly to Nina’s email. In fact, Elizabeth loved Nina’s suggestion. Elizabeth believed it would both save off cuts from landfill and have a positive impact for women in India. Elizabeth told Nina that she would investigate the cost and was excited to take steps to hopefully make it happen.

In appreciation, the company sent Nina a gift voucher to use in its online store. Elizabeth thanked teacher Jo Moloney for identifying Little Emperor as a company that implements sustainability and ethics in fashion.

Mrs Moloney was exceptionally proud of how seriously and passionately Nina took this research task. Well done Nina for having the initiative to see a need and suggest change in the world!  How wonderful that a simple  suggestion of a school girl in Victoria, Australia,  could have a significant impact on the lives of impoverished women in India.