On Monday 24 February, Mercedes College was fortunate to have several Sisters of Mercy join them for morning tea in the Rose Garden.

Over the year, there will be many opportunities to celebrate the 140 years of dedication and contribution of our Sisters of Mercy in South Australia.

One of the Year 11 Stage 1 SACE Religion Studies classes joined the Sisters for morning tea and some story sharing. As well as their work as Sisters of Mercy, several who attended are former staff members or students and were able to teach the Year 11s about the history of the College.

The students were inspired by their special leadership and compassion in a society where there is much injustice and failure to recognise the dignity of men and women and their proactive manner and belief in the value of reflecting inwards, outwards and onwards, always.

“Super inspiring women, they do and have done so much in their lives for the good of others,” commented one Year 11 Religion Studies student.