Dr Jodie Fleming is the school psychologist working in the Wellbeing Team at Emmanuel College, Warrnambool.  Local Mental Health organisation “Let’s Talk” enlisted Jodie and her friend Matt Reeves to compose a mental health anthem.

Let’s Talk is a local organisation committed to removing the stigma around mental health in the South West of Victoria.

Although she had not written song lyrics previously, as a psychologist Jodie included in the lyrics the things she wanted people to know about mental health.  It took a fortnight for the friends to write the lyrics and up beat melody.  Three local south west musicians brought the song to life delivering the important message of reaching out for help when experiencing mental health issues.

“I hope the song can let people know they aren’t the only ones feeling what they’re feeling,” Dr Fleming said.

“It might lead to hope and that there is a way through when you ask for help.”

The song may be used for future video and podcast projects by “Let’s Talk”.  Emmanuel College is really proud of staff member Dr Fleming for the contributions she makes to local mental health organisations.

The song can be heard via the link below to local newspaper The Warrnambool Standard.