It’s not often that the teachers of St Aloysius are afforded the opportunity to visibly and poignantly set the example of living out our Mercy values, but in Week 9 of Term 4, 2019, that’s exactly what a group of staff did.

Metta Karuna, which is Khmer, loosely translates to Mercy and Kindness in English, which is exactly what was witnessed through the work of Sr Denise, a Sister of Mercy, who devotes her life to those in need in Siem Reap. There, she facilitates work and projects to assist the poor and displaced, as well as those disabled from their war-torn circumstances. While staying at the Metta Karuna Reflection Centre, we were involved in projects including building a fence for a family in need, as well as painting areas of the centre needing refurbishment. In addition, we were able to witness the pure joy that the work of Sr Denise brings to those she assists. Somach, pictured, showed us with uninhibited pride her new home, as well as her old one, reminding us of the privilege we had in being able to contribute to the Cambodian community, albeit in a small way.

Additionally, we were also afforded the opportunity to view the sunrise at Angkor Wat, the ancient Buddhist temple complex, where God’s beauty was truly evident.

This trip not only gave us a better understanding and appreciation of how we have the responsibility to use our gifts of Mercy to leave this world a better place, but it made us better teachers, people and colleagues.

SAC Staff Cambodia Participants

Ms Viviana Graney, Ms Renee Lambi, Mr Michael Heath,

Ms Vanessa Mortimer, Ms Eloise Griffiths, Ms Sasha Khammash & Ms Jayne Auld