This year’s Senior VCE Drama Ensemble is the Seven Deadly Sins, and will kick off tomorrow, from 18-20 May, at 8pm in the Valda Ward Auditorium at Damascus College.

The performance is designed within the Unit 3 study to assess students on their abilities to create and work within an Ensemble performance.

It’s 2022 and after emerging from a global pandemic the business of the world has changed. To survive it’s often a case of reinvention, adaption or death and no one knows death like those involved in the afterlife. Yes, life has been tough for all businesses over the past few years….even in purgatory.

In the spirit of economic rationalism the ‘Collection of Lost Souls’ department is being brought in to account and the viability of the seven deadly sins are called into question.

‘Surely we don’t need all of these sins?’ is the phrase being bandied about in the boardroom.

A review is called and as each sin scrambles to prove their worth they demonstrate and recreate key examples of how they have influenced great moments in literature, history, popular culture and the ways they have recently appeared and impacted lives in lockdown. 

Each student within this year’s task is responsible for the development of at least one substantial character. The complex task challenges them to master the skills required to both create and perform their own work. The play will be a strong blend of both comedy and drama and will be presented within an eclectic theatrical style. The performance will run for approximately forty minutes and will incorporate the use of a dynamic soundtrack and creative use of lighting and projection.