Mercy and Justice Shall Meet

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Senior Student Worksheets for Mercy and Justice Shall Meet

image: majsm logo A set of ten worksheets was initially developed in 2005 by Anna Nicholls RSM and Siobhan Lee of St Mary’s College, Auckland, and Ann Dyer, of McAuley High School, Auckland, with further support from Ethel Bignell RSM, Teresa Anderson RSM and Anne Corry, to enable our students to access the wealth of the Interactive CD Rom Mercy and Justice Shall Meet ("MAJSM") produced by Fraynework Multimedia. We are grateful to St Mary’s College, Auckland and McAuley High School, Auckland for providing the release time to do this.

Each of the worksheets has since been tested in our classrooms and rewritten. If you have suggestions for further improvements please forward to so we can make these resources as user friendly as possible for students.

They are available in PDF format. Please contact:

We have not supplied answer sheets as it is essential that teachers work through the CD rom before using with students due to the content of some of the video clips.

We have devised a grid outlining some possible links for the worksheets to the NZ Religious Education Programme, Understanding Faith. This is available from the editor of this newsletter.

Some suggestions for ease of use:

  • Instruct students to read through the whole sheet before beginning the worksheet.
  • We recommend using a data projector to outline the software for the students before beginning to demonstrate how to access the context, story, inspiration and action sections as well as the attached fact files. The help button on the programme gives a good overview.
  • The worksheets can take up to two lessons to complete.
  • Our students really like the use of the journal. They were instructed to create one, (if his has not already been done) using the user name Mercy and password Mercy.
  • If students are working individually on computers, headphones are necessary.

Anna Nicholls RSM, May 2006, Villa Maria College Christchurch, NZ

DVD Circle of Mercy

A reflection on the works of the Sisters of Mercy throughout the world based on Jeannette Goglia’s song Circle of Mercy, and produced to support Mercy and Justice Shall Meet. Available from Fraynework. Email

Sisters of Mercy Global Presence Investigation

Global Investigation - Year 12 - Mercedes College, Perth Global Investigation - Year 12 - Mercedes College, Perth (20157 KB)

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking - Year 12 - Mercedes College, Perth Human Trafficking - Year 12 - Mercedes College, Perth (9469 KB)

AMSSA Staff Conference

“Speaking the silence”

August 8 -10, 2019

Monte Sant’Angelo Mercy College
North Sydney


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